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YOUTH LEADERS #PowerOfYouth Day - 3rd June 2020

Young People have the talent, energy and ideas to make a powerful difference both in the immediate response to this crisis, and to build a better future. We must listen to them. We must work with them.

                                   We are in this together - so we must work together.

Theatre for Life CIC Youth Leader meeting during Lockdown, June, 2020

At Theatre for Life CIC we are really lucky to be able to work with so many inspiring young people who are dedicated to making positive changes within our community as part of the #iwill campaign. 

In light of #PowerOfYouth day and as part of our #iwill funding we wanted to take the time to hear what our youth leaders have been getting up to to throughout the lockdown period.


Shea joined Theatre for Life this year, she is currently studying a BA Hons Degree in Makeup and Hair Design at Solent University in Southampton. Shea is considered a vulnerable person at risk which has meant throughout lockdown she has remained at home in Northern Ireland.

Shea has continued her youth social action work helping her local community... 

“As a high risk person living with a life-limiting disability (CHD and Heart Failure), these times are genuinely terrifying. Through my charity @braveheartsni we have been able to reach out and help hundreds of Bravehearts and healthcare professionals throughout Northern Ireland. During this experience I have realised how important it is to band together as a community and help the vulnerable and high-risk. No community can overcome any issue with a ‘each for their own’ mentality. It is so important that we don’t revert back to forcing the disabled and vulnerable back into isolation while the rest of the world carries on; but take the steps to come together and work with each other to create a safe and equal environment. Creative outlets and charities like Theatre For Life & BraveheartsNI are giving young people the chance to be heard during this pandemic, to establish that we believe in your worth as a member of society, and will strive to continue supporting #highriskwarriors for as long as we can. Be kind and look out for each other.“

Shea has also been putting her textiles skills to use by making scrub bags for the NHS so medical staff can take their uniforms home safely to wash each day. 


Holly joined Theatre for Life in 2019, Holly has very much taken on a mentor role at the company, supporting the team with professional engagements and other young people attending the group.

Theatre for Life and our youth leaders, including Holly were invited to be guest speakers recently at the #PositiveFutures event as part of the Creativity and Wellbeing week on the 20th May.

The online session was an opportunity to connect with others interested in young people, the arts, creativity and mental health, and was run in partnership with the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance, Hampshire Cultural Trust and Southampton Art in Health Forum. The event was attended by over 140 professionals and artists across both the South West and from abroad. 

Holly spoke during the webinar about how creativity has supported her own anxieties, in particular throughout the lockdown period. She also advocated the importance of creating safe spaces and fostering a sense of belonging to support young people and their mental health. 

I believe this world can never have enough positivity, especially in times of crisis, and so showing support to each other and being creative has allowed me and others to do this. Young people like me have a part to play in this crisis, & in the future.”


We were so proud of Holly and our other youth speakers, including Hannah Pashen from No Limits who has been working with us on our 2020 Silent Mind project. 

Creativity has enabled me to learn how to express myself more freely and has been teaching me to learn to start to feel more comfortable enough with who I am as a person and to not feel ashamed of who I am and the path I have chosen.“

We couldn't do this without you. Today, we’re saying thank you to all the young people playing their part in this crisis. We want to shout out to all our young people at THEATRE FOR LIFE CIC
Together, we are celebrating the #PowerOfYouth ⚡️

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